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Whether you are looking for exclusive products that will delight your customers or a partner to develop a collection carefully crafted in your image, Casannita offers a service tailored to your needs.

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Benefit from the expertise of a distinguished designer, surrounded by a talented team to support you throughout your project, from selecting materials, crafting, all to way to showcasing your products.

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I have long searched for the perfect piece of linen; not too short, not too long. Not too dressy but not too casual. Ideal for nursing but also perfect for other times. Roomy yet feminine fit. I did not findit, so I decided to imagine it and asked Casannita to design it. So here it is, the perfect linen piece.

Emily — L'Atelier Em

The products are sublime! Every step of the crafting process has been a pleasure, from choosing the fabrics to the final products. Annie is a wonderful person, kind, attentive and down-to-earth [...] These are beautiful products crafted to reflect our image and values. We will be very proud to gift them to influencers as well as to our customers with our delicious tomatoes.

Judith Lussier — Tomaté!